Saturday, 6 May 2017


This post is not to publicize the event or tell people what TED or TEDx is.. This post will tell you what I am experiencing during the events and the preparations in very simple language!

Okay.. so a few months back, one of my favorite juniors, came up to me with his idea of organizing a TEDx event! To admit, back then, I had just heard TED's name and knew that it existed but had no idea as to what it actually was! I agreed to help him in the organizing and the management part as it is something I am always up for. Gradually, on researching and watching countless TED and TEDx videos, I came to a conclusion that it is really "My thing" and that this event, no matter what, has to be a huge hit!

We applied for a license, filled out forms and appeared for interviews (believe me, it is much easier to say it like this)and finally procured a license and started to work on the planning. Once, I got so much involved in it that I even thought to skip my boards for it. It became so close to my heart that even when my sleep broke in the middle of the night, I would check the TEDx groups on WhatsApp for new messages and updates.The others literally had to push me to keep aside TEDx for a while and concentrate on boards. Certainly, I was the one who was waiting for the boards to get over most eagerly(This was due to TEDx and a few other reasons too :P).

Once they got over, the work had to start for real. Frankly, we had no idea how to go about it. But, with belief, everything is possible! Knowing that we had got each other's back and with a constant support from the faculty involved, we kick-started the work. Each and every moment, including looking for sponsorships, the printing work, the food arrangements, taught me so much. I know that I will very equally cherish every day of the preparations as I will cherish the event days.

But, we couldn't see ourselves 'not freaking out'. So we took upon our shoulders, the responsibility of a pre-event/fundraiser for the TEDx event. But, today I think that it was the best decision because the response we received and the experience we gained is helping us a lot in this event and will definitely help us in the future!

On many occasions, I personally had the thought that "Panga le liya yaar" because it was a lot of burden but then,"Every wall is a door!". It is very rightly said, "Surround yourself with people who will push you towards success and move along because they are yours'!" I have people who have literally counseled me through the night to continue the good work I am doing(I gravely needed that)

There are people who ask me about the gains I will get from all these efforts! I want to make it clear again that TEDx events are just termed as "No profit, No loss events".The organizers make out a lot of profit from organizing such events. Just that the gains are not monetary, but much more than that!
The experience and the feeling I get from doing such work is much more valuable than a few thousand rupees! The people who say that I am merely wasting time on this are definitely not going to get it ever in their lives! I pity them..

Talking to such awesome personalities about their life experiences, requesting them to share their stories with an audience, dealing with all kinds of people for booking travel, accomodation and food, guiding volunteers about their work, and every little work associated with this event has taught me a different lesson!

I really hope everything goes well in the main event on 13th of may!

Now that, only a few passes are left, don't miss out your chance to be a part of this awesome event and to listen to these amazing speakers. To register click here!

Speakers list:
Parmish Verma
Saksham Verma
Raul Rodriguez,
Amit Hans,
Jigyasa Labroo,
Kritarth Srinivasan,
Vinita Zutshi,
Vikash Das,
Air Marshal KS Gill,
Sunil Verma,
Arvind Tuli,
Prof. Dr. Raj Singh,
Sudhanshu Kaushik,
Performances :
Avirbhav Verma,
Red Arts Punjab

Check out the Facebook page for more information on speakers and the event!

Hope to see you there!
Till then make the best of your time..

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Monday, 13 February 2017


I don’t even know why I have been overstressing on these 4 days since the day I walked out of the gates of “Indra Holiday Home”.

Before going, everybody in the group was so tensed as to how RYLA is going to be.. Some people even predicted that it would be a mere waste of time. While the others forced me to join them…(Yes, I love them), I forced some…And every single one of us (I Suppose) thinks that it was a once in a lifetime experience!

So, we went there on the 19th of December. We were assigned rooms and dorms.. Living together with everyone in dorms or halls is something I am always up for because I miss my boarding school days..Yes, first problem solved, everyone is kinda satisfied with the beds, the quality of the washrooms and the placement of dorms (This one, the most: P)

We went, relaxed, and tried to break the ice because there were people even from our own school who had not even seen each other until that day. Our group was the biggest, It was definitely an advantage.. That very afternoon, from the ambience of the place, the organizing group, and the whole vibe there, I was sure that the next three days are going to be something which should definitely be regretted by the ones who didn’t join us because of silly reasons (Especially-12th hai yaar :P) The evening was certainly an awesome one. At least my classmates will agree to that. We performed Bhangra and were cheered for real loud(Maybe because we had like 25 people from our school. LOL.) To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed performing, the way I did that day, ever.

Okay, now I realize that I can’t describe every single activity like this because I don’t have that much space and that much time. :( But yes , the 3 days taught me a lot.. The best part ..I came to know the people around me much more deeply than I did previously.  I realized who all will stand by me even after school life comes to an end, and that is really important to know when one is in grade 12. I realized that there isn’t a need to pay attention to those who make you sad because there are hell lot of people who are more than happy to be with you and make you happy. I realized that setting limits for yourself while having fun doesn’t really hamper the fun, in fact it makes it more enjoyable. People might ask me how  RYLA was special in making me realize all this.. All comes down to pretention. You may be able to pretend to be someone who you actually aren’t, but you can’t do that for 4 long days. And if you can, you are talented enough to win my heart, even if you are not a good guy!

Moreover, one thing which really makes me happy today is that I cleared misunderstandings with a few people. I would not hesitate in naming Deepakshi here..I know that we would never have talked in our lives if we didn’t have RYLA.  Clearing the misunderstandings has bought us real close and I can predict that it will stay this way for the rest of our lives, until someone else comes and again creates those misunderstandings like the last time…

Juniors.. They certainly deserve a special appreciation. To be honest,  I expected juniors to be like any other person would expect a junior to be.. But these people…No, they are literally gems! Haven’t met better people than them, I must say. I knew some of them before while I met the others on RYLA, but I can confidently say that there are many whom I won’t forget all my life! They are so understanding, so mature, so funny, that I really hope we stay in touch.. Chaitanya, Arushita, Ishaan, Shetty, Anant, Brar, Bhupinder, Roopan, Darika, Anushca, Aniket, Yash.. You all rock! I hope I haven’t missed anyone..

I was a literally a changed person after I stepped out of RYLA and that was not only because of the leadership program, but also because of a some experiences, which only my fellow Rylarians might have an idea about.

I don’t have to name any one of my classmates I guess.. Everyone of you has literally cast a spell on me..I have an entirely different approach to problems and life now! Okay, I might have acted foolish in some things during and after RYLA, but even those were experiences which taught me a lot..

The late night bonfires, the DJ time, The Chandigarh Tour, and everything which I can’t mention here, are things I will cherish throughout my lifetime!

Even when there was one day left, there was a really gloomy feeling which was trying to ooze out because things were approaching towards the end. I don’t know about the ones who went for the previous RYLA.. But it was an awesome experience and I look forward to such events in the future.

The last day, Deepakshi and I, we stayed there for a whole extra hour even after every single one of the participants had gone just coz we really couldn’t accept that it was over and we had to get back to the preboards prep.:(

I will admit that I cried a lot…During RYLA(Other reasons)…After RYLA (Yes, I miss it too much).Whatever it was, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I look forward to more such outings with the same people, because 90% of the happiness which we all got was due to the people around us and not due to the place..

P.S. Through the pictures, videos and the write-ups,  A non-RYLArian can’t even experience 1% of what we did. .All my fellows would completely agree to this.. But, I have tried to explain it in the best way J

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Roller-coaster Ride!

Still a teenager, I have no rights to comment on this “Phase of life” But trust me, what we read in class 8 about adolescence and teenage is for real! Yes, Shit happens! At least for me, it did..

What I went through in September 2016 is something no one would even want to dream about!...When I say this, people ask me  “What was it?” I reply “I have no fucking idea!” Because, I really don’t…I know this sounds vague but I can’t help it. I don’t know what it was but I could kinda relate to females in their “Mood Swing Time” and not for a few days but for 1 long month! Everything was fine, but nothing was. Everyone was with me but I was alone. No one betrayed me but I was broke. Everyone loved me but I was hurt. See..?? I don’t even know how to explain it!

During that time, I wouldn’t know why I am losing my temper. I would go on looking at a TV which was not even switched on. I would have to stop my car somewhere by the road to cry and feel light. And when I sat down every night to ponder upon why all this happened during the day, I would still not know and cry again.

I tried to figure out what changed in my life or around me but the answer was “Nothing”. Not only the gloomy part but even when I was happy, I couldn’t find a reason for that. I would go on smiling or laughing without a reason(I wish I could have more of that retard phase :P) I could completely relate to the type of questions on quora saying “What should I do with my life?” . No kidding!

My friends definitely tried to help! But I could explain them the problem in a similar way to how I did in this post. I know there can’t be an explanation more vague than this one :D I wasn’t in a new love story nor did I have any exams…Then why ??The funniest (or the saddest) part of this whole scene was, that I knew that this was nothing but the “teenage hit“ (or whatever it is called) but I still couldn’t stop it from affecting me or at least, bothering me.

How did I get over it? I tried to listen to good music, spend more time with good people, and even meditate! I don’t really know how and when that phase ended, but I felt really light after it did. That is a month I will never forget in life.
It has changed me for better too though. I think I have started dealing with problems in a better and a composed way. I have started to value people and relationships in the right amount (value for some increased while for the others it dropped down to the right level) and have started to look into myself before pointing others out.

I have no idea if everybody faces this or I am the only insane one  but for the ones who do, if you are able to willingly able to get out of this, well and good, if not  my advice would be to try and take something back from this experience and learn and apply it to your usual life!

P.S. I might sound too philosophical to some while insane to others but believe me, this is exactly what happened and this was the best way in which I could explain the situation to you. I’ll try writing more about teenage.

Its been a while now

Okay, So its been like 6 months now that I haven't posted here!Thanks to Class XII :) No, this doesn't mean that I study a lot..But isn't it supposed to be like that? Around me, I see people making this excuse for every single thing they do or not do.
Why didn't you come to the Get-Together? 'Yaar 12th hai' ...Why don't you join the gym? 'Yaar 12th hai'.. Why don't you fucking die?  'Yaar 12th hai, itna time ni hai'
Juniors please understand one thing...12th is not such a big thing! It is just another class, similar to the 11 others you passed. Just the pressure from the people around is too bad :(
(*Warning: The person giving you advice is no topper... *Double Warning: He hasn't even passed his 12th yet, So, don't trust blindly (That might be the topic of an upcoming post))
So yes, I have been wanting to write for a while now but have just been too lazy.

So much has happened over these months that I can write continually about it even through my boards..(No, I won't do it)
I have learnt about life, about people, about love, and God knows what not! But , the best part is...even if I wasn't writing, I was penning down the topics I wanted to write down on, I have them right in front of me and I don't know where to begin from.
I will probably not turn lazy again and publish the planned posts on time. But if I don't and you want me too...Ping me (I know I ain't getting any messages for that :P)

P.S.: The upcoming posts are gonna be really informal “coz” I just wanna write.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Keep Calm And Get Leh'd!

Yes… I want to get Leh’d as soon as possible! I have been planning this for a very long time now, though I have never tried it. :P. It all began with …Wait, there is no such story. It is just a plan, it is just a dream, it is an adventure I want to take up.

I started to think about this venture when I first saw the pictures of the passes and roads to Leh and heard that some of the people I knew had taken this up! At that very point came to know that this was the thing for me (I am not just saying it)

I asked Mom-Dad about it when I was in grade 6 and guess what their answer was …We will see once the time comes. Seeking permission from parents for such things is another adventure in itself. Then I thought that in order to make it possible, the first thing I need to do is to fix a time for this trip because even Buddha once said “The trouble is that we think we have got time”. I deliberated upon it and as anybody would have guessed the best possible time would definitely be sometime after Grade 12 but before college. So June 2017 it is (Being Optimistic) I am going to leave as soon as the roads open.

I have been asking everybody if they wanna come along and here, I ask whoever is reading this blog, if you want to join? Just contact me anywhere! If I consider all the positive responses I’ve got till date really true, believe me, the group is going to be real big and I would love that. But, what if no one turns up? I am going solo, which I know, is going to be a great experience too!

Pangong, Khardungla pass, The Magnetic Hill, Rohtang of course, and every single thing about this place and the way is amazing. The pictures and the stories alone have mesmerized me so much that I can’t even imagine what the actual beauty of this place will do to me. Leh is a place which gives you so much but doesn’t ask for anything in return. You can just sit and watch the places and you will feel Humbled! (At least this is what I have heard)

I have researched about it so deeply that I even know which way will I go and which way I’ll use to return, what all am I taking along, and, believe me, even about the places I am going to eat at. Every morning I wake up to adore my bike and the pictures I have inside my cupboard! I, once even started to plan everything in writing but then I realized that it was dumb and too early (I swear I did realize that :P)
Whatever the case is, this trip is going to my preference over anything else that comes up and I’ll try my best to make this dream come true. I obviously wanted to write about all this after I actually get Leh’d but I then realized that there is going to be hell loads of more stuff to tell about, once I return.

May lord take me to the most humbling and mesmerizing place, The Himalayas when the right time comes and bring me back safely to share what all I bring back from there with my loved ones!

It is said that that place does something to you which you can’t experience in pictures or stories, and I want to face that as soon as I get a chance!

I hope you liked it!

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Till then I hope that you make the best of your time..

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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Those who don't jump...will never fly!

Skydiving...It was the AWESOME(EST) ..BEST(EST)...and the most thrilling experience I have ever had! Frankly speaking, this post can't even give you a 10 % idea of what I felt...unless you have tried it yourself. But, don't stop reading here!

So, I landed in San Fransisco on the 25th of May this year. (Yes, I went on a month long vacation to the States while I had my class 12 going on....Adventure Much?) I landed late in the evening and it was a 2-hour drive to the place where I was going to stay so going for the jump that day wasn't possible. But, I knew that Skydiving was the first thing on my to-do list! So the very next day, I called up the Lodi Parachute Center, Acampo and confirmed if they were open that day...They were :)..I had read a news article about a few deaths on that skydive center a few days before taking off from Delhi and that kinda tried holding me back...But, an activity like skydiving can't be cancelled on the basis of the previous mishappenings .. My cousin drove me to that place and we registered my name (:

Until that hour, my excitement didn't let me feel the fear.As soon as they called my number and handed the disclaimer paper over to me to sign, I started to realize that jumping off a plane at 13000 feet was not a doddle! They made me sign a disclaimer paper which stated"If this activity leads to death, the organization will not be responsible for it" which did nothing but added to my fear..I already knew it! Why would you mention it a hundred times?? I was practically gambling on my life..They then took me to a separate room, geared me up and trained me a bit. I went out with my instructor in the waiting area to wait for the flight..Those fifteen minutes were the shortest fifteen minutes of my life!

I still had to decide if I should call mom-dad and tell them that I was doing this.I finally thought that I would surprise them with the pictures after the jump... In fact, shock them with the pictures! Our flight arrived and we got in. There were around 15 more people jumping from the same plane and that was really motivating.Once we reached 8000 feet the solo divers jumped. Usually people are more scared once they get close to the time of the jump. But my fear vanished and the excitement reached its freaking peak! I knew that there was no backing out and that I cannot afford to let fear spoil an activity which I had always dreamt of doing! That was the moment when insted of thinking, ' If I make it to the ground', I thought, ' When I reach the ground'.I asked my insructor, "How many jumps have you done before?" He replied, "Don't worry, Nothing will happen to you, its my 1600th" I got so excited that I shouted "Wohooo" and everybody turned towards me and gave me death stares xD.

The door opened for us and I could feel the adrenelin rush up.Standing on the edge of the door and looking towards the vast, never ending sight of it, I felt that the Earth was waiting to welcome me. My mind at that moment was completely devoid of anxiety, tensions, grief and I was literally living in that moment.Cross your arms, bend your knees and rest your head on my shoulder were the only 3 sentences I remembered. You can't feel it until you have tried it and I strongly urge you to go and do it whenever its possible ! I almost felt like I owned the world. ! BAM! In no time, I could feel the wind hitting me real hard, 250 freaking kilometers an hour!!

That 60 seconds freefall was utterly incredible! It wasn't the camera which made me smile, it was that moment! Sam opened the parachute after 60 seconds and showed me around while slowly descending. The landing was neat and I had started to think about my next jump already! I tightly hugged Sam, thanked him and got back to the center.  I called my parents up as soon as I got there..Dad seemed happy.. Mom didnt't |(  But it was worth the 30 minutes long lecture

I strongly suggest everybody to go for this activity because it changes a lot in you and you can feel the difference once you are back on ground!
I literally felt freedom! I am definitely going to go for more jumps in the future, but, I will always rejoice my first experience!

Skydiving is more intoxicationg than Alcohol, Marijuana or any other drug on this Earth..It is enough to mess with your mind!

Here's a short video of my jump:

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Have Less...Do More...Be More!!

We come across a thousand different definitions of adventure every day! Google terms Adventure as "A Daring or Risky Activity". But does an adventurous act always involve risk? Or is taking a risk always adventurous?
The answer is NO! Every person has a different list of acts which can mean adventure to him/her! One of my friends, who had hydrophobia, remembered stepping into the swimming pool as an adventurous act while another one didn't consider jumping off a cliff to be thrilling! I believe that anything you do by going over your own limit is adventure! It does not necessarily have to be a mountaineering expedition or a scuba dive! I consider blogging to be an adventure for me as there was a time when I couldn't imagine myself doing this.

I think adventure is the most essential part of one's life and one should never stop carrying out adventures. Do it with your friends...Do it alone...Do it with your family. Just do anything to break the monotony...

I have never ever in my life regretted having come out of my comfort zone and doing something unusual! I love going to theme parks, I love participating in adventure sports, I love trying bizarre foods, I love travelling, I love running marathons and the list goes on. I would any-day chose a roller-coaster ride over sitting at home in front of my television set.

Believe me, I was a person who had to think twice even before boarding a Mary-go-round. It all began during an exchange program to the States in 2011.I was kinda tricked (Long story!) by a friend of mine to go on a roller-coaster ride with her and I hated her for that. But, today, I can't thank her enough because she almost helped me discover my passion! :). Now, the first thing I do whenever I go to a new city is to search for a six flags around that place. xD

 I feel that the most exciting thing I have done till date is SKYDIVING. Oh ... it was so so so very amazing that I still get goosebumps when I think about it! 13000 feet and BAM! I can't think of another moment in my life when I felt better! I'll definitely write a post about my experience in the future. If I get a chance to jump again tomorrow, I'll be more than happy to pack my stuff today.

About my Bucket List....The very first venture that I am going to take up in the near future is a Road Trip to Leh... I can't freaking wait for June 2017. It is something I have been planning for since I was 10 and I am going there come what may! I have literally been tracking the routes and the places to visit for 6 years now and I have no idea how these 10 months will pass.
Whom am I going with?? Hmm. I seriously don't care coz if no one turns up... I AM STILL GOING!

The second thing is Bungee Jumping. I am not dying before a jump, either in Switzerland or in Macau :) Yes... I Love Jumping xD

Adventures are always great. BUT, there is a very thin line between adventure and dumbness, which many of us fail to notice! People often use the definitions mentioned above to justify very funny acts. Cutting your nerve or hanging with a rope around your neck is not at all adventurous...It is Dumb as Fuck. Neither are jumping into a river without knowing how to swim or even killing someone adventurous acts .. We should know our limits and I think we as humans are wise enough to distinguish between foolishness and adventure!

"Do one thing every day that scares you" but at the same time keep in mind that it should not hamper anybody else's rights or your own duties as civilised citizens and as humans.

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May God Bless You!

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